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Minnesota State Community and Technical College serves more than 6,500 students in credit courses each semester through more than 120 career and liberal arts programs at its four campuses located in Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Moorhead, Wadena, and online.

By partnering with our communities, the college also provides Custom Training Services and other responsive training programs.

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Detroit Lakes

Image of the Administrative Management Technology program in Detroit Lakes

AAS - Administrative Management Technology - The Administrative Management Technology AAS is a flexible business curriculum that prepares students for a career as an administrative professional. Designed to follow International Association of Administrative Professionals principles and office software certification standards, AMT graduates will have skills necessary to define their future as an office professional.

Fergus Falls

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Image of the Environmental Science program in Fergus Falls

AS - Environmental Science - The Associate of Science in Environmental Studies is designed to provide students an avenue to a four-year Environmental Studies degree. The AS in Environmental Studies emphasizes a broad background in natural sciences and mathematics ensuring students are properly prepared for further study at an advanced level.

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Image of the Mechanical Drafting and Design program in Moorhead

AAS - Mechanical Drafting and Design - The Mechanical Drafting and Design program prepares students to use a graphic language to communicate ideas or products that must be processed, manufactured, or constructed. Students draw layouts of assembly processes, make freehand sketches and rough layouts of machine equipment and parts. Technicians work under the immediate supervision of a Mechanical Engineer and perform operational tasks following well-defined standards using a CAD system and electronic mail.


Image of the Construction Electricity program in Wadena

Diploma - Construction Electricity - The Construction Electricity program is designed to prepare students to build, install, maintain, and repair electrical systems that provide heat, light, or power for residential, commercial, and industrial structures. The Industrial Maintenance emphasis provides additional training in programmable logic controllers, motor control, hydraulics/pneumatics and much more.